A Devil’s Den Engagement Session | Brianna and Deric


March 24, 2022

An instagram DM can go a few ways.

It can make someone block you immediately, or be the start of the best relationship ever. I’ll let you decide what you think happened when Deric slid into Brianna’s messages on instagram one day(;

He told her he’d seen her before and thought she was cute (or something like that, haha!) and after checking to make sure Deric wasn’t anyone to be worried about, Brianna thought he was pretty cute too(; And the rest I guess you can say, was history! When I Deric and Brianna what they like to do together they both said they love spending time together, specifically going to the movies for date nights.


We talked about Deric’s love for hunting..and crocs. (mostly because my husband owns too many) And how Deric proposed! Getting with a photographer friend and having her ask if they’d do a session in a cotton field for her. It was SCORCHING hot, but Deric fought through the heat to get down on one knee for Brianna in a cotton field,┬ábecause she’d always wanted pictures in one. That’s true love my friends (;

Thank you Brianna and Deric for letting me take your pictures, September can’t come soon enough! (: – XoXo Grace*

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