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March 25, 2022

When Malorie and Spencer got engaged, we had a Chic-fil-a picnic at the park for their engagement session.

When they got married, we spent all day laughing and smiling…and I was definitely brought to tears more than a few times by just how sweet the whole day was! ( But I try to hide those(; )

And when Spencer and Malorie told me they had gotten up early and driven three hours for me to shoot their first family pictures, I was reminded just what a blessing my job is. To meet such a sweet couple and photograph their wedding day is always special, it’s why I love my job! I love it for couples like Spencer and Malorie. But watching them become parents has added a whole new level of sweetness for me. Not to mention, it’s also such an huge honor.

THANK YOU, Malorie and Spencer for coming all the way to NWA for me to take your pictures! I truly can’t put into words how much I have loved photographing every season of life for you guys. Watching you go from engaged, to married, to parents, has been the absolute best. If you can drive 6 hours with a newborn at just 1.5 weeks old, you can truly do anything!! (; XoXo – Grace*

  1. Denise Abercrombie says:

    These are just gorgeous! This great granny loves this little family. You truly are a great photographer.

  2. Melissa, Miles Gammy😊 says:

    You did an Amazing Job with these Pics!! We are so in love😍Thank you!

  3. Bill Hassard says:

    Great pics! They are all beautiful!

  4. Johnny & Roseanne says:

    Love all these pics. Beautiful. Great job!

  5. Jana says:

    Every time you amaze me, Grace! Engagements were perfect, and there was no way anything could have been as beautiful as the wedding pics! Now. These perfect shots of my favorite little family ever! Thank you!

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