A Lakeside Engagement Session – Cole and Christina


March 23, 2022

Cole and Christina met through work. But it was a year after meeting before Christina decided that Cole was the guy for her. (;

After meeting each other, they had a first date and went on a bike ride. Cole claimed Christina was in way better shape than him, and Christina and I both laughed at his retelling of the rest of their love story! For about a year they went on dates (Cole claiming Christina played hard to get), but it wasn’t until Christina invited Cole to a family Quinceanera that they became official. Christina knew if he could meet the whole family and go to such a big, fun, party, he was the real deal for her! They both had fun, and thus began the two of them being totally official!

After getting to know Christina and her family, it was obvious to Cole that family was important to all of them, so he proposed making sure they were all there and involved when he dropped to one knee. Christina was totally surprised! Even her sister kept her lips sealed and gave no hints on what was going to happen at the big family BBQ Cole had invited everyone to. As he told the story while we walked to our locations they both smiled and laughed at all the details. It was honestly adorable. And that’s how you know these two are meant to be. They laugh a lot and have so much fun together, but have so much respect for each other and their families as well <3

Christina and Cole, thank you so much for letting me take your engagements. I truly can not wait for your big day! – XoXo Grace*

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