A Downtown Conway Arkansas Engagement Session | Allie and Jonathan


August 17, 2020

I’m so excited to share Allie and Jonathan’s engagement pictures because honestly these two have one of the cutest stories I’ve ever heard!

A few years ago the restaurant Allie works at threw their annual Christmas party and Jonathan happened to host it. One of Allie’s coworkers decided these two would be a great fit and gave Jonathan Alli’s phone number. He waited three days (can’t seem too available right?) before texting her. They both agreed to go get coffee because they both thought “everyone likes coffee right”? WRONG. Upon arriving at Starbucks they both quickly learned that neither of them likes coffee at all and decided to go look at Christmas lights instead! Honestly I’d prefer Christmas lights over coffee any day (; From there they pretty quickly realized they felt totally relaxed around each other right away, and by the second date Jonathan accidentally told Allie he loved her. Thankfully, Allie felt the same, even if she waited to say it a day later (; I’m convinced that when you find love that quickly it’s definitely meant to be.

Allie and Jonathan, you guys are honestly the cutest. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR BIG DAY!! – XoXo Grace*

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