Elegant Cold Springs Wedding | Little Rock Arkansas | Spencer and Malorie


August 13, 2020

From High School to 2020, this day has been in the making for forever. And honestly after getting to experience Malorie and Spencer’s wedding day, it’s easy to see why these two were supposed to be together from the very beginning!

I could write pages on these two, but let’s face it, WE WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES OKAY. So I’ll keep this to my favorite moments from their big day! (;

  1. Their families. Malorie told me before her big day I’d get along with everyone and to expect a lot of fun, and she was right. As soon as I arrived her Dad greeted me with a huge smile and two jugs of water as he rushed to fill EVERY glass vase they had with the exact amount of water needed for their floating candles. You’ll see later at the ceremony just how many that was, if that doesn’t scream awesome dad I don’t know what does (; And minutes later I met her mom who immediately offered me tons of food and drinks, mimosas included. Not to mention Spencer’s mom made a point to tell me how adorable my new baby Ella is and his sister pulled me aside at the reception just to tell me thank you for the work we did all day. I’m telling you, they are that perfect.
  2. Their wedding party. GEE WHERE DO I BEGIN? It’s nerve wracking to enter a room full of guys and gals, especially when there is 12 of them each! But as soon as I opened the door to Malorie’s bridal suite they met me with the same enthusiasm as Malorie herself. Side Note: They even helped me hang her dress because as we all know, I’m a little vertically challenged (; That sort of sweetness lasted the whole day. And it made me so incredibly thankful for my job and the amazing people I get to meet on wedding days. Plus they never once complained about just how hot it was during a single portrait. DREAM GROUP I TELL YOU.
  3. Malorie and Spencer. On these two alone I could write a novel. I think my favorite moment of the day was during their first look together. They took a few minutes to read vows they wrote to each other. Spencer’s included how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives eating food together, “40 percent of it being Mexican”. (I was clearly meant to work with these two) and Malorie’s about how she knew when he was the one. When visiting Spencer in college she had left her umbrella in the cafeteria after they ate together…AND FORGOT TO GET ICE CREAM ON THE WAY OUT. What a devastating moment right?(; Spencer being the gentlemen he is told her he’d go get the umbrella AND ice cream. Sure we all know that’s sweet, but Malorie thought to herself “If he comes out with sprinkles on that ice cream he’s the one.”. And what do you know. Spencer returned with her umbrella…and ice cream with sprinkles on top. (Hence the decor on their wedding cake). It honestly doesn’t get more perfect than these two.

From the sweetest first look, daddy daughter dance, and ice cream truck goodness, Spencer and Malorie’s wedding day was nothing short of perfection. Spencer and Malorie, thank you for letting me witness it. Cheers to celebrating you guys as Mr. and Mrs. Magby – XoXo Grace*


Grace Starr Photography
Venue: Cold Springs Events
Florals: Hannah Hutson
Videography: Jasper Creative
  1. Denise Abercrombie says:

    Grace, you did such an awesome job. All the pictures are beautiful. Thank you.
    Malorie’s Granny (Denise Abercrombie $

  2. Missy Magby says:

    Absolutely Amazing pictures!! So in love with all of them…Thank you so much!!!

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