A Fayetteville Arkansas Springtime Engagement | Braxton and Mindy


March 25, 2020

This weather is what I LIVE for, and so are sessions like Braxton and Mindy’s!

Speaking of these two, Mindy actually met Braxton through her roommate. At the time Braxton was going to college an hour away while Mindy was studying at the University of Central Arkansas. She did some creeping on Braxton’s instagram and was a little hesitant about her roommates insistence they’d be a good match…Okay a LOT hesitant! But in her defense Braxton said he had about 10 pictures posted and the majority of them were his recent hunting trips. AKA a “bunch of dead animals”, haha! Mindy wasn’t used to that and in her words he just seemed “like a good ole boy”. But never the less, they eventually wound up eating dinner at their future favorite restaurant, Playa Azuls. After the date, Mindy said she was totally surprised by how well it went! Especially after her hesitation from checking him out online. But clearly Braxton won her over because here we are now!

It’s easy to see how Braxton was able to win Mindy over in a lot of ways after spending the afternoon with them. But the way she described how he proposed really showed me how deeply he listens and cares about her. Mindy sent him a picture of an engagement ring very nonchalant like, really just to say “Hey I like this!” and you guys, he went out and bought it, and then carried it around for MONTHS waiting for the perfect place to pop the question! That place being the grand canyon on a family trip, where he hired a photographer and dropped to one knee without Mindy expecting a thing!

Words can’t describe how much I loved spending time with these two, and even more so how excited I am to watch them say I do. Mindy and Braxton THANK YOU for spending the afternoon with me, even if we did have to keep a nice social distance of six feet at all times (; – XoXo Grace*

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