A Petit Jean Mountain Engagement | Morrilton Arkansas | Tim and Trish


February 27, 2020

It’s hard to think of where to even begin with Trish and Tim. SO, let’s just start when they were in high school (;

When I asked these two how they met each other they told me they dated in high school. And immediately started laughing! Apparently Tim was head over heels for Trish, but once she got her braces off she decided a boyfriend just wasn’t what she wanted anymore! Tim told me this with great stride while poking fun at Trish, because clearly his patience ended up paying off! (;

They stayed friends and even attended prom with the same gang of people. I think Trish knew there would always be a spark between them because that night Tim kissed her on the forehead before they parted ways. (So yes, we will be taking all the forehead kissing pictures on their big day. For real.) ANYWAY, after high school kept in touch! Which is crazy because these two have basically lived in every state, but never at the same time as each other! Years after high school they decided to meet for lunch because they were living near each other. And by near, I mean 5 hours away from each other, HAHA! But that lunch turned into dinner and five months later Tim got down on one knee and asked Trish to marry him.

These two have lived apart for the majority of their relationship with grad school and work dictating where they call home. But come October Tim and Trish will finally be living the newly wed life together in Florida, and I could not be more excited for them! It’s truly such a statement to how much these two love each other that they’ve remained so close after years of long distance. It takes a special kind of love to make so much time and effort for each other when you live so far apart. So really, these two are as real deal as it gets.

Tim and Trish, I AM SO PUMPED FOR YOUR BIG DAY!! Thank you for spending the afternoon with me in my home state. I can’t wait to see you in Boston <3 – XoXo Grace*

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