A Gloss Mountain and Salt Plains Engagement | Anne and James


November 1, 2019

You might not be able to tell from these pictures, but the first time Anne and James sat down to talk to each other…well…she was a little annoyed (;

Why? The two of them started working at the same place, and while Anne was enjoying a perfectly relaxed lunch, completely alone in the break room, James came in and chose to sit next to her instead of any of the other empty tables! Anne said she immediately thought “UGH. This guy is really going to come in here and sit RIGHT next to me?!” But clearly James has a way with words, and these two found a lot more in common than I think either of them expected that day!

Fast forward to their first date and Anne and James were on a boat doing something they love. Fishing! (Well really they love anything outdoors but for this date fishing is what they chose). James asked if she knew how to use a specific rod. Keep in mind, he had a tournament he needed it for the next day, so this was actually super important. Anne immediately said she did, and then, proceeded to break it. BUT GOOD NEWS. The very next day James won the tournament without the rod! So clearly this whole James and Anne forever thing was meant to be. And I definitely think that is the case <3

James and Anne, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!!! You guys are the best parents to Penny, and I can’t wait to watch you say “I do”. – XoXo Grace*

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