A Downtown Memphis Engagement | Sam and Aly


October 14, 2019

Even though I went to high school with Aly, I met Sam the day of their session. They got out of their car in downtown Memphis and walked over to me where I was paying for parking. Sam immediately hugged me (brownie points. HUGS ARE ALWAYS A SIGN OF A WONDERFUL HUMAN). And then insisted on paying for my parking. (MORE BROWNIE POINTS, LIKE HOW NICE ARE THEY). Thankfully I’m really good at throwing elbows and Sam is a gentleman so I was able to get my card out faster (; But regardless, in those 3 minutes of meeting them together for the first time, it was so obvious why Aly and Sam work. They’re SO kind and genuine, love to laugh at themselves, and care about not only each other, but the other people in their lives just as much. Speaking of these two, they may have met their freshman year of college, but it wasn’t until over 9 months later that they officially started dating! And just a few weeks after, Sam told Aly he loved her. They’ve been together ever since. And I think you can see why. <3

YOU GUYS. Thank you for sweating in 95 degree Memphis heat with me. I can’t wait to party with you on your big day! – XOXO Grace*

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