Sassafras Springs Wedding | Tucker and Katie


July 17, 2019

When I arrived on Katie and Tucker’s wedding day, I knew it was going to be beautiful. What I didn’t know was just how loved and cherished I would feel from the second I arrived. I knew Tucker from high school, but I had never met Katie. I opened the door to her bridal suite and was immediately hugged and could feel every ounce of excitement from the gals in the room for the big day!

After spending an hour with Katie I went outside to shoot Tucker’s portraits. I remember telling him “TUCKER. Katie is so great, like she’s so -” and before I could finish my sentence he said, “She’s your best friend now isn’t she?”. That made me laugh, but after his pictures I thought back to it and how accurate he was. Katie DID make me feel like we were bff’s now. And suddenly everything about these two clicked for me. They have a way of making everyone around them feel unconditionally loved and appreciated. And in tucker’s words, like their Bff’s. I continue to think back to that as I go through their pictures, but also through my days in general. If we all took a second to make sure the people we cared about in our lives felt as great as these two do, how special would that be?

During there ceremony all of those things continued to shine, but that love that i had seen them show to me and everyone else, was focused on each other. There vows were personal and perfect (YES I CRIED OK), and their cute pup Jasper successfully got the rings down the aisle!

I’m so blessed to get to shoot days like these, and more importantly people like Katie and Tucker. Congrats you guys, and cheers to your newly wed bliss kicking off at a new home in Las Vegas! <3 – XoXo Grace*

Grace Starr Photography
Venue: Sassafras Springs Vineyard
Florals: Shirley’s Flower Studio
DJ: Brock Entertainment

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