A Greenhouse and Devils Den Engagement | D and Katie


July 11, 2019

Katie and D met in high school. (Yes, I know, they are THAT cute). One evening after a knee surgery Katie stopped by D’s place with a milk shake. Honestly by that point, I think they were both in denial that they definitely liked each other. (; Because you definitely like someone to bring them ice cream after surgery right? Anyway, after Katie left, D’s dad made sure to tell him that Katie clearly had a crush. Even if he denied it! Obviously these two eventually came to their senses and fast forward, are now engaged and fixing up a little house in the town they went to school in! (Yes, they got even cuter) This September they’re tying the knot. And I couldn’t be more excited!

These two and their session are what my picture dreams are made of. Wonderful people, really pretty flowers, and the biggest splash at the end (; Thank you guys for spending the day with me, NOW BRING ON SEPTEMBER!! – XoXo Grace*

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