A Little Rock Wedding | David and Megan | Fellowship Baptist


May 10, 2019

It’s so hard to even think of where to start with these two perfect people. 

But I DO want to start by saying that everything about their day was so special. The weather was that perfect kind of just before a storm feeling, where the sky is grey and it’s nice and cool…BUT THE STORM NEVER CAME. So yes, it was that awesome (; And I think the weather was just the start of everything about their day that went just right. Their first look reading their letters to one another, the dancer that demonstrated their love for Jesus during their ceremony, and THEIR major dance moves at the reception were just a few of the things that made their day so uniquely them.

Megan and David, I am SO blessed to have gotten to be a part of your day. To witness you two go from fiance to husband and wife was so special.  I can’t wait to see where marriage takes you…and your cat Carl of course (; – XoXo Grace*


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