Harrison Arkansas Engagements | Crystal and Drew


May 13, 2019

I don’t think that Drew thought following Crystal around because she had Chex Mix at a party would ever lead them to where they are now (;

But after that night and a little persistence Drew and Crystal went on their first date. At first, Crystal was a little skeptical. Drew seemed WAY to nice. On their first date he made sure to stop to give a homeless man money, and treated the waitress with such kindness and respect that Crystal was a little worried he was too good to be true. So thankfully Drew asked her to spend some time with his family. And after seeing that the same guy who blew her away on her first date was the exact same around his family. She was pretty convinced he was just that great of a guy.

Fast forward to a few years down the road and here we are now! Crystal and Drew seem to be figuring out life together pretty well already. And I have no doubt this next chapter of their life is going to be even more amazing than the first. Cheers to your wedding day, and taking on crazy adult things like buying a washer and dryer you guys!! – XoXo Grace*

Hair and Makeup: Rebecca Ann Sponer and Elizabeth Akin Hoyt

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