Two Rivers Park Engagements | Tarra and Patrick


April 22, 2019

Tarra and Patrick’s friend was determined to set them up. So determined, that she started tagging Tarra on Patrick’s social media until he had no choice but to notice! They were both pretty immediately interested in each other. And obviously, their friend was right! (; Because fast forward, and here we are today! Two pups later these guys are already two of the cutest people around.

Before their session I asked them to describe each other, and the words they mentioned were exactly the people who showed up for their session. They are kind, and caring, and more importantly hilarious(; They love to laugh together, and I have no doubt their wedding day is not only going to be beautiful, but so freaking fun!

Thank you so much you guys for spending an afternoon with me. And more importantly for letting me meet River and Ruby!! <3 – XoXo Grace*

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