A Fayetteville Engagement | Drew and Bailey


April 17, 2019

A lot of things have changed since Drew and Bailey met. For instance, they aren’t in kindergarten anymore (; 

But even more things have changed since they first starting dating. They can drive now, so their parents don’t have take them to their movies dates, Drew has surpassed Bailey in height, and oh! They live in Arkansas instead of Wisconsin!!! What?!

To say the least, life is crazy, but these two have already done so many years of it together. They experienced all the crazy cute things of high school and college with each other. And are crushing life side by side even now so many years later. It doesn’t surprise me, and I think by their pictures you can see why. These two love each other so deeply, and more than that, the way they act together seems like that love is bursting at the seams 24/7.

You guys, I truly went home covered in champagne, but showered with the infectious laughter of you two together. YES OKAY THAT WAS CHEESY TO SAY BUT I HAD TO BECAUSE IT’S TRUE. I can’t wait to see just how amazing your wedding pictures are going to be in the very state you fell in love together in. <3 XoXo – Grace*

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