A Shelby Farms Engagement | Drew and Courtney


April 3, 2019

Three black and white cows. 

You may see those every day where you live, in fact I have them in my back yard! But for Courtney, living in Memphis Tennessee, it was a rarity. The unlikely chance she would see three in one day is exactly why she chose to take it as a sign that there was something special she should pursue with Drew. Courtney and Drew had been talking, but it wasn’t serious. They were both passionate with Ministry and were busy people! But Courtney had a feeling Drew was someone she should get to know seriously. So one day before lunch she decided to talk to God about it. And after her talk, picked three black and white cows as her signal. She said to herself “If by some odd chance I see three black and white cows today, I’ll know Drew is someone I should bring into my life.”. And what would you know? Pulling into her lunch spot, across the street there they were. Three lone black and white cows. From that moment Courtney knew something was up. And even though she didn’t tell Drew this until after their relationship started, she knew he was something special.

It isn’t every day we find our special person. And it definitely isn’t always made clear to us by cows! But I do think that the time and devotion these two have given each other in their now almost two years together, is something so special. Almost as special, as seeing three black and white cows. (;

I’m so pumped to watch you guys tie the knot in May <3 – XoXo Grace*

All Images at Shelby Farms Parks <3

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