A Jonesboro Engagement Session | Kayla and Trey


April 1, 2019

Who would have thought that a sweet note on the back of a McDonald’s receipt would lead to these two spending the rest of their lives together?! Trey and Kayla met in a college Archery class. Yes, you read that right, ARCHERY. In which Kayla was supposedly better than Trey, though he would argue she was only better because he was distracted (;

At some point during that semester, Trey left a note on Kayla’s car. And that simple act of taking the time out of his day to do so, made Kayla’s heart sore. From there, the two started hanging out, and now almost two years later they bought their very first home together. In fact Trey proposed the day they closed, and Kayla unknowingly invited everyone to her own proposal party, thinking it was for a house warming get together! <3 These two are the real deal. And man, I’m so excited for their day!! Bring on November you guys! – XoXo Grace*

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