A Boat Dock and Field Engagement Session | Little Rock AR | Travis and Erin


July 22, 2023

Travis and Erin are tying the knot in November, AKA, one of the best times of year to get married in Arkansas!

NOT July which is when these were taken and we quite literally almost passed out in a field at 7pm, HAHA! ( not really funny in the moment but I feel like we can now look back on it and laugh (; )

Erin and Travis were an absolute JOY to spend an afternoon with, even if we were unsure if we were going to make it much longer than a few minutes before melting, lol! They laughed a lot and told me about each other and how they got engaged. I love hearing proposal stories, mostly because I like to see if the person getting engaged suspected anything beforehand. And Erin definitely did not! Travis told her they were going to dinner with friends but he needed to check on an air unit (I think an air unit, honestly I was wiping sweat out of my eyeballs at this point so that detail may be incorrect, BUT REGARDLESS) he told Erin to throw on her muck boots to help him. She was used to that, (and who would have thought she’d be wearing muck boots when getting proposed to right?) so she popped them on and off they went! Obviously there was nothing to be fixed, and instead she walked out to a beautiful set up by travis. With an arbor, twinkle lights, flowers, candles, the whole 9 yards. And of course, a ring too! Success.

Thank you Travis and Erin for sharing your love story with me, and a very hot afternoon. I am so excited to be a part of your wedding day!! <3 XoXo Grace*

  1. Royce McSpadden says:

    These are so wonderful of our beautiful Erin!

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