A Northwest Arkansas Engagement Session | Andrew and Kelly


September 14, 2022

Andrew and Kelly knew each other growing up. They’d talked before and were friends, but it wasn’t until Andrew was sitting at a restaurant watching a football game that he decided to reach out to Kelly again to say hello and see what was going on in her world. (and with the razorbacks, lol!)

Before they knew it, they were taking a leap and pursuing each other long distance, and THEN took an even bigger leap and Andrew made the move to Arkansas for the two of them to be together. And obviously, it was exactly what was meant to happen!

Now here we are, one dog, one new kitten, and an engagement ring later! <3

Thank you so much Andrew and Kelly for letting me take these pictures for you, and spending your afternoon with me! I can’t wait for your wedding day!! – XoXo Grace*

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