A Little Rock Arkansas Engagement Session | Hunter and Brittany


August 3, 2022

Hunter and Brittany had seen each other in passing. A mutual friend of theirs worked with Hunter, which meant Brittany had caught his eye before! But it wasn’t until Hunter messaged Brittany on instagram that they actually started talking.

I’ll give Hunter credit, he was pretty smooth with his first message to Brittany. He asked her how she managed to get her pup to pose so well for her profile picture, and that was definitely the way to Brittany’s heart from day one! They started messaging and hanging out with each, having their first date at Johnny’s ice cream. Even though things were going great, they both wanted to make sure they were serious about each other. SO, they actually didn’t become official until months later right after midnight and after fourth of July celebrations. (Yes I know, they’re pretty much textbook perfect!)

When it came to proposing Hunter got Brittany’s ring just in time for her family cruise. After asking Brittany’s father for her hand in marriage, he told ONLY her mom he was proposing while they were on vacation. Nobody else knew what was happening until RIGHT before, when he let her dad know, NOW WAS THE TIME. It took Brittany and her family by surprise in the best way possible. And I imagine it made the family vacation that much sweeter <3

Thank you so much Brittany and Hunter for spending your afternoon with me and choosing me to photograph your big day! April can’t get here fast enough! – XoXo Grace*

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