Lakeside Engagements | Karlie and Blaine | Northwest Arkansas


May 17, 2022

Blaine and Karlie met through a mutual friend, and their first date went…interestingly! (but in a good way)

Karlie and Blaine were going to go on their first date, when the weather went south. It was so stormy that after Blaine got to Karlie’s house, they didn’t think he could even get home that evening! So for their very first date, Blaine sat down and had dinner with Karlie’s family. And THEN hung out and watched TV with everyone, and ended up staying the night after realizing there was no way he could get home safely. Karlie was CONVINCED, she’d never hear from Blaine again. It’s rare to meet parents after a few dates, but to have dinner with them and stay the night on the very first one?! No way, as much as she liked Blaine, she knew that was probably it, and that she’d never talk to him again.

Thankfully, Blaine liked Karlie just as much as she liked him. And obviously he liked her family too, because they continued to talk with zero awkwardness over their first date, and here we are years later getting ready for their wedding day!

Blaine and Karlie, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your engagements and telling me your love story. It is such a joy for me to get to be a part of this experience with you guys! <3 Can’t wait for the big day, XOXO – Grace*

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