Osage House | Vibrant Summer Wedding | Zach and Anna


September 8, 2021

Anna and Zach are truly something special.

They met in high school and made it through long distance, and six years of dating, to get to this day.

When Anna’s sister and Zach’s best friend gave speeches about them, they both couldn’t say enough about their character. They spoke about how Zach and Anna make each other laugh in the goofiest ways, how Anna is always a caretaker because she has the best heart, and how Zach would do anything for her, even return to his old high school one last time to take her to prom even though that’s definitely NOT something he wanted to do. But in Zach’s words, for her, it was worth it (;

From maybe some of the prettiest florals I’ve ever seen, a wedding party that was so much fun, and the dreamiest golden hour portraits, Zach and Anna’s day was actual perfection. Thank you for letting me be a part of it you too. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs.Snodgrass! XoXo -Grace*

Snodgrass Wedding | 2021
Cooridination and Planning: Most Joyful Day
Hair and MUA: Amy Lester and Claire King
Videography: Clingan Media


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