Northwest Arkansas Engagements | Gramm and Kat


July 7, 2021

Gramm and Kat couldn’t take their engagement photos without the newest member of their family, Dixie. And I couldn’t be more pleased to have spent the afternoon with all three of them! These two were so relaxed, and honestly, made really hot Arkansas humidity look like a breeze(;

I asked Gramm and Kat how they met and they had ALMOST the same story. They both worked at the same Gym, and Kat said one day after her shift Gramm stayed late to workout a little longer. Gramm claims he DID need those last reps, but Kat begged to differ. When Kat headed out, so did Gramm. And in Kat’s words “He ran to me in the parking lot before I left”. While Gramm says it was more of a brisk walk, MAYBE. (; Either way they managed to get a first date to the movies locked in, and the rest is history.

Thank you Gramm and Kat for letting me take your engagements! Your big day will be here before we know it and I can’t wait! <3 – XoXo Grace*


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