Devil’s Den Engagement Session | Riley and Riley


April 13, 2021

Riley and Riley grew up working at the same summer camp together. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that these two really started to take notice of each other! But before I talk about them, I have to talk about how I met Riley V.! I promise it matters (;

I took Riley V’s. senior pictures in high school and ended up in an interior design class with her in college. I am still to this day SO thankful that I had one familiar face to sit by on the first day of class! She quickly became my friend, eye rolling at the same time as me over certain assignments, and staying up late in the studio trying to figure out said assignments in a sleep deprived fashion, lol! As I got to know Riley I quickly learned that she holds her heart very closely guarded. She’s careful and mindful of who she chooses to share her heart with. So when we had dinner after she’d been gone for the summer I was shocked when she said “I think I met someone”. WHAT?! I immediately started asking questions, but before she answered she had a question for me. She asked “Okay but wait…I need to know something. I think his name might be a problem.” I remember just looking at her and expecting something crazy, and then she said, “It’s my name. Riley. His name is Riley.”. I have to imagine my laugh was way too loud for the steak and shake indoor seating, and I told Riley she could just give him a nickname, HAHA. After that she started telling me how great he was and that he lived pretty far away, but that she thought he was worth the long distance. And I have to say, she was right.

She was right because Riley H. definitely noticed right away that she was a keeper and that he’d have to really impress her to keep her around. They hiked together at pinnacle mountain (honestly anyone who agrees to a hike for a first date is a trooper) and ended with chic-fil-a and just chatting about life. And now here we are many chic-fit-a meals later with these two Riley’s saying I do this summer!

Riley and Riley, I am so excited for you. Marriage is going to be so much fun for you guys and I can’t wait to see you on the big day! XoXo – Grace*

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