A Tropical Winter Wedding | The Barn at Greers Ferry | Mario and Morgan


December 13, 2020

Mario and Morgan’s day is one that I have been SO excited for. I knew it would be fun, I knew it would be pretty, but what I didn’t know, was just how SWEET it would be.

Honestly, let me tell you how the day started, and I think that will sum up everything you’ll see below!

Just half an hour after I arrived to their venue, Mario handed his dad a small box. He told me it was a gift for Morgan, and in his own words “Isn’t anything big, but she might want a picture of her opening it. I don’t  know.” in typical boy style LOL. I automatically assumed it was earrings or a bracelet, you know, the normal. Mario’s dad knocked on Morgan’s door, left the box, and I waited inside while she picked it up and opened it. I snapped a few pictures, and then suddenly she was crying. WHAT?! MARIO SAID “It isn’t a big deal”. WHAT IS IN THIS BOX? Quickly Morgan’s tears went to laughter as she held up…a cracker. Yes. An edible cracker. Like a wheat thin ya’ll! But this cracker had a story. In High School, Morgan had thought Mario was cute, and during lunch, threw a cracker at the back of his head to get his attention. It worked, because he later DM’d her on twitter to ask if she was the one who had thrown it. And as the saying goes, the rest was history. So in this little box was a handwritten note from Mario, and a cracker. Cue the tears from me the rest of the day during any sentimental moment. (And there were a lot!)

From their senior year of High School, to a pandemic filled 2020, I’m convinced these two have now experienced everything life has to offer together… before they even tied the knot! (: Thank you Mario and Morgan for letting me be a part of your day. I can’t wait to see where marriage takes you…hopefully to Hawaii next spring!! (; – XoXo Grace*

MUA: Sean Valerie Tufu
Florals: Vase and Vine
  1. Juanita Seats says:

    Congratulation to you both. Wedding pictures are awesome.

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