Downtown Memphis and Shelby Farms Park Engagements | Kinley and Denton


November 23, 2020

It honestly doesn’t get cuter than high school sweethearts. Especially when they met working their first job at the movie theater together! (Because let’s face it, movie night, date nights are my favorite.)

When Denton and Kinley met, they decided their first date could be a movie. I mean it’s only fitting. (; BUT they made sure to go on a day they weren’t working, and get dinner before! And of course, they picked a scary flick! (Again, these people are my favorite). Apparently, it went really well, because here they are years later, engaged, with two precious pups!

Not only was their first date perfect, but Denton really knocked it out of the park with his proposal! They went to dinner at a restaurant at Shelby Farms, and before they left, Denton tipped off the waiter that they “really needed to go!” (wink wink). Apparently the waiter didn’t quite get the memo, and came up to their table insinuating that “they needed to get going!” with a big smile. (COVER ALMOST BLOWN!) But Denton quickly changed the subject, took Kinley for a walk outside, and proposed a short time later with a hidden photographer there to capture the whole thing.

I am SO excited to watch these two tie the knot next year. Thank you Denton and Kinley for letting me spend the day with you, your big day is going to be SO dang fun!! <3 – XoXo Grace*

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