A Fayetteville Engagement | Abbie and Kelvin


October 8, 2019

Imagine that your first date is Prom. PROM, that’s right! 

These two started dating years ago in high school. And honestly that’s so cute I could leave it right there! But I’ll keep going(;

Abbie and Kelvin are too of the sweetest humans. I know, because I spent the whole afternoon with them, and their wasn’t a single second I wasn’t smiling! I loved how sentimental they were. Even taking a second to pose for a picture the exact way they did in high school! But more than that, Abbie asked if they could bring Kelvin’s dad’s truck. It’s been in their family for years, and I think it may be his dad’s actual pride and joy!(; They drove it all the way up to Fayetteville and threw her parents 10 year anniversary quilt in the back for a picnic. It doesn’t get more perfect than that. Thank you so much Abbie and Kelvin for spending the afternoon with me…NOW BRING ON THE WEDDING DAY!!! <3

-XoXo Grace*



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