Aspen Colorado Engagements | Maroon Bells | Caitlin and Daniel


June 12, 2019

What do you get when a boy from Cocoa Island and a girl from Arkansas go to College together?

Love Apparently. (; 

Daniel and Caitlin found each other in College, and now years later we got to shoot their engagements at the most perfect Location in Aspen Colorado. Maroon Bells is special to them, as it’s where Daniel originally planned to propose! But a family cruise came up, and what better way to propose than close to the people you love most? So instead we traveled to the mountains for another important part of their love story, their engagements! <3

Thank you so much Caitlin and Daniel, for letting me go to such an awesome and special location for you guys! I’m so freaking excited for your big day. XoXo -Grace*


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