Jonesboro AR Engagements | Chelsea and Tyler


December 27, 2018

Being states away couldn’t stop these two from finding each other and falling in love.

And more importantly, dropping the ring out of his truck didn’t stop Tyler from pulling off the perfect proposal for Chelsea! In fact, Chelsea rode in the truck and had no clue the box was sitting just a few feet away! And when he got down on one knee, she was totally surprised.

If i’m being completely honest, Tyler brings out the best in Chelsea. He makes her laugh and I’m pretty sure was trying to convince her he was meant to be a model half the shoot (; And Chelsea’s sweet soul balances the two of them in the most perfect way. She’ll never drive by a stray on the side of the road. And that’s just one of the ways she’s freaking AMAZING. I know their big day is going to be filled with so much joy, and man I’m excited for it!!

Thank you guys so much for spending a December afternoon with me!! – XoXo Grace*

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