Dixon Art Gallery and Botanic Garden Engagements | Kristin and Graham


November 29, 2018

Ohhhh man. There is something special about Graham and Kristin.

Maybe it’s how much they love their puppy Winnie, or maybe it’s how much they love each other. Whatever it is. It’s what the love stories we all want are made from. Somehow these two who grew up in the same area and didn’t meet until they were neighbors in College in a different state. And being the gentlemen that Graham is, when Kristin’s room mate invited he and his room mate over one evening, they showed up! It would have been so easy for him to make an excuse and stay home for the night but I’m pretty sure he’s now happy with how his decision turned out (;

Now these two are back in Memphis, and I can’t wait to watch them embark on the crazy journey of marriage. I’m even more excited for that big day to finally GET HERE!!! Thanks you two for spending a perfect afternoon with me! And especially for bringing Winnie (; – Grace*

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