Little Rock Engagements | Mariah and Kyle


November 5, 2018

High School can be really fun, but it’s the BEST if you meet your soulmate there. Especially if it’s in Algebra…which you happen to not be so fabulous at (;

Mariah and Kyle’s love story is SO MUCH LIKE MY OWN. Who knew we would both meet our forevers in a math class in High School? But I have to believe that Mariah was a lot better at math than I was (;

These two and their pup Macie are truly the sweetest people in the world. They giggle A LOT, are up for any weird pose I ask them to do, and did NOT hit me with the cork to their wine bottle after they shook it up. So clearly they are THE BEST. Thank you guys for spending the afternoon with me. I can’t wait for your big day!! -Grace*

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