Fayetteville AR Engagement | Lindsey and Jake


May 24, 2018

These guys GIGGLE, a lot. And I love them for it. <3

I’m so thankful that Lindsey and Jake are letting me shoot their wedding day! With the amount of joy that these two have with just each other, there’s no telling how awesome their big day will be.

I relate to their love story so much because I met my own husband at Conway High School, just like these two! Not only did we meet the same way but Jake totally ignored Lindsey the first time she tried to figure out who he was. I feel you Lindsey, because Tyler straight up wouldn’t walk with me in the hall way, why do boys do this to us?! But it’s fine because look how great we both are now (; Regardless of Lindsey trying to be friends right away Jake clearly came around to realizing what a keeper lindsey is. The two of them are seriously soul mates and I can’t wait for December to get here! You guys are amazing and the rest of this year is going to fly by!! <3 XoXo – Grace


Hair & MUA by: Brooke Donley 

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